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CONGRATULATIONS, you have selected the most durable refinishing system available in the country. By following the guidelines listed below, you will be assured of many years of trouble-free service. Please DO NOT use this surface for 4 hours. Although the refinished surface can be put back into full use after this time, the surface will require 90 days to completely cure. Please observe the following

Please Read Carefully

Your Bathtub has been resurfaced by Surface Renew using the most up-to-date
techniques and the highest quality coatings.

The key to getting a long lasting finish is to keep water off of the bathtub when you are not using it. Water will eventually wear away any finish. In most cases,
water is what wore away the original finish on the bathtub. The tub should dry
out after each use.

There are a few things that you will want to do to ensure a long lasting finish:


Remove the installation tape with care.

During the refinishing process, masking tape was used, which will protect other surfaces during drying and curing. Remove this masking after the initial downtime, but within 72 hours after initial downtime. Care should be taken when removing the masking from wallpaper, or painted surfaces, so remove making slowly and carefully.When removing the masking around the drain area, be careful not to break the seal around the drain shoe. Any glaze which is still left on the surface of the drain shoe can be carefully removed with a razor blade or knife. (Bathtub & sink only)


Clean the finish regularly with soap and sponge.

(this is called surface conditioning). PLEASE NOTE: All newly refinished surfaces will have some dust which will have settled into the new surface. Do not be alarmed: because the surface is still within its long term cure period, normal use and regular cleaning will remove all minor dust marks.


Do not use a rubber mat.

If you wish to use a bathmat - use a vinyl bathmat. You need to make sure that the mat is taken up after each use. This will allow the tub to dry out. Failure to pick up the bathmat after each use will cause water to be trapped on the tub for long periods of time. Most mats will produce a reaction with the new surface when subjected to hot water. You can find a non-rubberized mat without suction cups at many stores, or we can provide you with one. (Bathtubs only)


Make sure that shampoo bottles etc. are not left on the bathtub.

Use a “shower caddy” that hangs over the shower head to keep bottles off the bathtub. As with a bathmat – a shampoo bottle left on the tub will trap water on the tub.


Have Leaky Faucets repaired immediately.

Faucets must be properly maintained by the owner and user, to protect the new surface. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish, causing it to crack and wear out prematurely, and voiding the guarantee
(Bathtub & sinks only).


Use cleaners the say “Safe for acrylics” or use cleaners that say “Safe for all surfaces” when cleaning.

The following bathroom Cleaners are great to use: Tilex – Scrub Free – Mr. Clean – Clorox – Lysol


DO NOT use abrasive cleaners like Comet, Ajax or Soft Scrub on or near your finish.

Your new finish is easily cleaned with any mild liquid cleaner, and should be cleaned after each use. In general, any cleaner approved for use on acrylic surfaces is OK to use.


DO NOT use Scrubbing Bubbles or other petroleum based products.


DO NOT drop sharp or heavy objects on the finish, which may cause it to chip.

Contact us immediately if this should occur. Failure to contact us in a timely manner can result in further damage and void the guarantee.


DO NOT improperly introduce acid-bearing compounds to the finish.

Destruction of the finish may occur through improper use of acid bearing compounds, such as drain openers or tile grout cleaners. All chemicals must be kept away from the finish. These chemicals include, but are not limited to, cosmetics, hair dyes, and perfumes, which may stain or otherwise mar the finish. Introduction of any of these chemicals onto the finish would be considered neglect and void the guarantee.


DO NOT place masking or any other type of tape on refinished surface.


DO NOT use any abrasive scrubbing pads, such as Scotch-Brite™, as this will scratch the surface.


Be sure that your faucets are dry and not dripping after using the fixture, and be sure to allow the tub to dry completely after each use. (Bathtubs & sink only)