Choice of Colors

Surface Renew Choice of Colors

The products and procedures that we use are the finest that money can buy. The compound that we use cures in as little as 2 hours, so the fixture can be used again with a minimum of downtime. The new lower VOC’s compounds that we are using result in a significantly lower smell that dissipates much quicker than older technology - without sacrificing any of the strength and durability our work is known for.

Traditional Options – Standard Colors

White, Almond and Bone are the standard colors available on any surface you need renewed. All colors come in High Gloss or Low Gloss. High gloss is generally used on bathtubs, tile, showers, and sinks. Low Gloss is generally used on countertops and vanity tops.

Traditional Standard Colors:

Bathtubs, Tiles and Showers – Including Countertops

The three standard colors we offer for Bathtubs, Tile Renew and Showers have proven over time to do an excellent job in matching the most common colors used in bathrooms.

Custom Colors – Matching Your Style

In addition, Surface Renew can special order an exact match of any color you prefer for your bath, tile or shower.

Kitchen Countertop – RenewStone™ Options

RenewStone™ is designed to look like granite, quartz and other solid stone surface finishes. The result is a modern look to your kitchen or bathroom at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

6 RenewStone™ Countertop Color Options:

Contact us if you would like us to mail you a sample of any of our Traditional or 6 RenewStone™ color options.

Selecting a special color

We can mail any color sample that you would like to our supplier. They then can formulate the finish coat resin that we use to match the color that you have selected. The easiest way of choosing a special color is if you use the Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color chart. You can find the Benjamin Moore color chart at Hirshfields. These color charts are so widely used that our supplier has a copy of them in their lab. So you can just call us with the name and number of the color and we can then forward the information on to the supplier.