Before We Arrive

Surface Renew Before We Arrive

The products and procedures that we use are the finest that money can buy. The compound that we use cures in as little as 2 hours, so the fixture can be used again with a minimum of downtime. The new lower VOC’s compounds that we are using result in a significantly lower smell that dissipates much quicker than older technology - without sacrificing any of the strength and durability our work is known for.

What To Do Before We Arrive

The most important thing that you can do is to make sure that the surface to be refinished is as clean as you can get it. We will be cleaning the surface as part of our process. However, we find that the finished product is improved when the surface is reasonably clean when we get there. You can be aggressive in your cleaning, as we will be etching the surface later.

Any fixtures (drains, faucets, etc.) that are going to be replaced should be removed or replaced before we get there. You should be aware that we offer a new drain inlay which is installed directly over you existing drain. The drain looks great and is an excellent low cost alternative for drains that have been in place for many years and may be difficult to remove. The drain inlay can be installed at the same time we refinish your bathtub.

We can also apply a permanent non-skid application to the bottom of your bathtubs and showers. This will protect your family and result in you not having to use a bathmat. Bathmats trap water on the tub and will prematurely wear away the new finish if not used properly.

However, we will be leaving you some information on the proper type and use of bathmats upon completion of the work that you can share with your tenants. We will also be leaving some information on the proper care and cleaning of the new surface.

We will need to have electricity and water available to us. In addition, there should be no other work being done in or near where we will be working.

Bathtubs • Sinks • Showers • Vanity Tops

Kitchen Countertops

You will need to move stove and/or refrigerator out of kitchen or well out of the way if you want to have us completely refinish the edges of countertop. Otherwise we will refinish the area of the edges that are visible. We will make sure that you will not able to see any of the old countertop under normal circumstances.


Things To Be Aware Of

  1. A part of our process is to mask and paper off the areas around the item to be refinished. You should be aware that in most cases we will need to leave the tape and paper up when we are finished. The reason for this is that we don’t want to risk accidentally coming in contact with the newly refinished surface while it is still wet. Also, we don’t want to risk kicking up any dust that may settle on the new finish. So you will need to tear down the tape and paper. You should do this within 4 – 24 hours of the work being completed. Your Surface Renew technician can advise you as to the proper way to tear down. Be sure to let us know if this will cause any problems for you.
  2. Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment. Our technicians are scheduled and cancellations affect their ability to earn income if we are not able to find another appointment to send them to due to a cancellation on short notice.